Read Funny Jokes article page 5

Read Funny Jokes article page 5

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Did u knw?... 99% of guys are single, 1% of guy is married and 99% of girls are married while 1% is still single, so the question is dat, those girls dat are married, who do they married to... or na demon dem marry to or wat... am not understandin




: Soon be light out... Y'all saddle up to light up your candles



: You remember dat heartbreaking moment when your primary

school teacher said u're good for nothing & can't go far in life.

But today u're an admin in more than three Whatsapp group chat

and he is still a primary school teacher.......

My dear you made it .





: Wowoo! Good Morning My People, I Bring U All  Greetings From De Most High God, Wishing Everybody Here Good Health and Peace..

Am new Here..



: Without Faith you cannot believe in the existence of God and without Faith you cannot accept Christ as the Lord and Savior and without Faith you cannot obtain Salvation.

Hear this: without Faith you are Doomed, because only the Just leaves by Faith. That means if you don't accept Jesus by Faith and stop asking many questions you can never know His mystery.

John 1 vs 12 & 13 says: But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Look at that, *RECEIVED* and *BELIEVE* then you become a *SON*; a Son that is not *born* of *blood,* *flesh* or of the *will* of *Man* but of *God* *(of Spirit):* it is then you will begin to *understand* the *mystery* of God. Because the Bible speaks in 1 Corinthians 2 vs 10-12 But God hath *revealed* *them* unto *us* by *his* *Spirit:* for the Spirit *searcheth* all things, yea, the *deep* *things* of *God.* 11 For what *man* *knoweth* the *things* of a *man,* *save* *the* *spirit* *of* *man* *which* *is* *in* *him?* even so *the* *things* *of* *God* *knoweth* *no* *man, *but* *the* *Spirit* *of* *God.* 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, *but* *the* *spirit* *which* *is* *of* *God;* that we might *know* the things that are freely given to us of *God.*

In conclusion, FAITH is all you need to be saved, a Faith in JESUS CHRIST. You can't get answers to your many questions if you don't first receive him by Faith; for it takes a Spiritual man to understand the things of the Spirit because it transcends human understanding. *Repent* for the Kingdom of God is at Hand.







There  was  a  lady  who  alighted  from  a vehicle  and unknowingly dropped  her important documents.  A shabbily  and  dirty-dressed  boy  saw  what happened  and rushed  at  the spot  to  pick  the purse. Read the  conversation that ensued:

*Boy:* Sorry sister, can  you give  me  an  ear?


*Lady:* Leave  me  alone  you vagrant  dirty bastard.


*Boy:* Please sister  just  give me  an  ear.  I  know  am  dirty  but  kindly listen to  me.


*Lady:* If  you know  you are dirty,  what  do  you  want ?  I  have  nothing  to do  with  you.


*Boy:* I  just  want  to  pass  an important message  to  you and  leave.


*Lady*: You  are not  the  type  to pass  messages to  me,  you  filthy brat.


*Boy:* Just  a second Miss, wait ! Look,  I'm pleading  with you !


*Lady:* He  wants to  rob  me.  Help !  Help !  She shouted.


*Boy:* I  am  not trying  to  rob  you.  I  want  to help.

A  nearby  mob began  to  beat  up  the  boy.


*Boy*: I am  sorry, I  only  wanted  to assist  her.  The boy  shouted.


*Mob*: You  are  a thief,  who  said you  can  assist this  beautiful lady?  Then, they continued  with beating  the  boy.


*Lady:* Beat  him up.  He  wanted  to  steal from  me. Kill  him! They always  harass  us  around  here.


*Boy*: If  you knew,  you wouldn't  have beaten me.  Can  I  tell  you  the  truth?


*Mob:* Talk  or else  we  will  kill you.


*Boy:* My  sister  when you  were  alighting  from  the  vehicle,  you dropped  your purse.  I  rushed and  picked  it.  I have  been pleading  with  you  to  give  a hearing  so  that  I give  it  back  to  you  *but  you didn't . Here  is your  purse  take it.*_


The  mob  then  left  the  boy bleeding,  injured,

 weak  and helpless .


*Lady*: Ooh  my God !  I  am  sorry.  I  didn't know. 


The  boy  woke  up  and  started slowly  walking away  in  pain.


*Lady:*  Brother don't walk  away.


*Boy:* You  said I'm  not  your  type.  I'm  filthy, vagrant,  a  thief and  brat. You called  me  all names._*


*Lady*: Wooo! Please  wait, I want  to  thank you.


*Boy*: There  is nothing  you  can do  for  me  now.  *If  I  die  as  a result  of  the injuries  sustained  from the  beatings,  my blood  will  haunt you  the  rest  of your  life.*


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