Read Funny Jokes article 3

Read Funny Jokes article 3


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 D-Raw'sComedy series↓


I can't laugh alone╭∩╮(-_-)╭∩╮

Two of my friends came visiting
with their gf's and
we decided 2 go out on a picnic,
along with my little brother.
After packing food and all we
needed, we set off to a quiet
After chatting and taking pictures for few
minutes, we decided to eat and
began to unpack the basket which had the food
in it, only for us to
discover we forgot the spoons at home.
I told my little brother to go get it while we wait.
He replied saying
''I know u want to trick me so you can eat the
whole food b4 I come
I promised him we would
wait for his return but he refused.
After much persuasion and
promises, he decided to go.
My friends and I started chatting and gisting to
while away time and wait for my brother's
After 1hr, there was no sign of
him. 2hrs went by, and I began
wondering what could have delayed him
because the distance between
our house and the beach can be covered within
My friends and I were already
getting hungry but we decided to
wait a little longer for my
Brother's return.
After 4hrs, the hunger was so unbearable that
we decided to taste
the food.
As we were about tasting,
we heard a rumble in a nearby
bush and there, my brother
Jumped out from behind a tree
shouting *"I said it, I knew you would eat the food before I return,

Fada lord!!
I had to ask him again "nA joke Abi??"
He replied "I have been watching y'all. I'm not going Again. 
Now,  all my mind was saying was
"Kill him, kill him,


Here's D-Raw comedy series ◌♡♡LOVE♡⋆♡


*GIRLFRIEND*: Good morning sweetheart.

*BOYFRIEND*: Good morning
(Sending failed)

*GIRLFRIEND*: Why don't you want to reply my message, don't you have my time?

*BOYFRIEND*: I have tried to reply but the network is poor! 
(Sending failed)

*GIRLFRIEND*: if you don't love me ignore my message, if you really love me, 
reply me.

*BOYFRIEND*: I love you.
(Sending failed)

*GIRLFRIEND*: Do you love me????

*BOYFRIEND*: I love you baby
(Sending failed)

*GIRLFRIEND*: Never speak to me again!

*BOYFRIEND*: I love you Sweetie
(Sending failed)

*GIRLFRIEND*: Do you want to end our relationship!

*BOYFRIEND*: I'm fed up of this shit!!! (message sent)

*Later that day the girl was found hanging dead in a mango tree*





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Osita/D~Raw : 

When you want to charge your phone in a Bar and you mistakenly unplug the DSTV
during penalty shoot out... That is the moment you will
remember what your mum used to tell you that your phone
will kill you one day!
Hahahaha ©D-Raw fun

: Until you can sit down and watch  porn with your parents, don't come here and tell us everything is possible.
Osita/D~Raw : 

A man was selling his goat ???? and another man agreed to buy it. The man was using his last money  to buy the goat but as soon as he brought the money out to pay for the goat, the goat jumped and snatched the money from his hands and chewed all .Now the question is, who owns the goat ? The buyer or the seller. Pls analyze carefully Don't spoil the fun. Send to another group and see funny answers?....
Osita/D~Raw :

A C.R.S teacher entered the class while feeling tired.. He hadn't slept well for the past two nights... He asked the students to keep quiet..He sat down on his staff chair and immediately fell asleep.. Suddenly the Head teacher came in with the Education Officer, from Ministry Of Education.. They found the Religion Teacher asleep.. They stood by his side for some few minutes... Then as they were about to wake him up, he woke up at this point.. Yawned and stood up.. He realized that his bosses were in classroom.. As if he didn't notice their presence, he turned to the class and said, '' So, this is how the apostles of Jesus fell asleep when Jesus left them in the Mountains and went for prayers ''... On this point, the Headmaster and the Education Officer applauded the teacher for his efforts to make his students understand easily the teachings of Jesus.. . . .

: Nigerian girls love money, I'm telling you.
You'll get angry and tell her to go to hell
She will look at you and be like, "I don't
have transport fare."
Jesus! . Hahaha . @D-Raw fun

I wonder y dy call it "menstruation" instead of womenstruation... Plz ladies don't shift ur problem to

No matter how
serious your
relationship is...
Ur girl/boyfriend is
alwys single in evry
document he/she

Today I  my girlfriend in my room..hmmm dis weather...after some minutes she told me " bae make me feel like a woman" I quickly stood up and collected all dirty clothes and gave her. She suddenly left*
*But I think she has gone to buy soap* lol! 
@D-Raw fun 

I actually don't know  what girls  mean or  want when the say this.....


Dey will be like...'Babe I will soon be going ooo



This is hw we American brush our teeth
Shi.!!!shi!!!shi!!!!shi!!!!!pour and rinse that is all

Buh hw u Nigerians brush ur teeth
shi!!shika!!shi!!shikakaka!!kakashi!!kakashii!!!Deep the brush inside their throat like dey wanna swallow it!!!!......
Make weird sound like a goat. Being strangled... Then felt Like vomiting.....Takes another paste to the brush.......Every thing would seems like an horror film.....

Thank God am not from this country

We *virgins* deserve daily allowances for d temptations we overcome especially now d weather is not encouraging...

Its funny how ladies don't get moved when their babies suck their breast but u will hear all kinds of moaning n groaning when a guy start sucking their breast...
Isn't God wonderful..
Mi ano won talk anything

Yahoo boys in a party..... 
moment they hear SARS.....they won't even wait to hear if it's SARZ__ON__THE__BEATZ
Omo come and see temple run

Having a short girlfriend is not bad until she washes your clothes and waits for you to come back from work so you will help her hang it.

School Kids In Class Were Asked To Write 3 Diseases. One Guy Wrote:

1. Hiv/Aids
2. Cancer
3. /

Teacher : What is  / ?
Student  :Stroke.. 

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